My Boring Ass Life
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2021-10-18 19:45:26 (UTC)

Why is life so hard?

Everything sucks, I have to completely redo all my work. I worked so hard on my project. Only for to be told to redo it completed.

Everything hurts so much, physical and mentally. Mentally I'm stressed because I constantly have to play therapist with my mom, and my sister wouldn't stop using the f-word(slur for gay people). I feel like falling apart. Everything is so hard, how do people get through life? It's such a struggle to just survive. When will life get better? When? It feel like an endless loop of fucking torture.

I did a "When am I going to die?" test today, and it said I had 56 years left to live. On one hand I'm disappointed its not shorter, and on the other hand I'm disappointed it's not longer, and on all hands I am disappointed.

Im tired. I can't wait till life gets better, till it eventually gets worse.

Thats it. Goodbye.

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