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2021-10-18 07:37:57 (UTC)


I'm pissed. Why am I pissed? Why whywhwywhwy is it always like this.
Because I'm a fudging idiot.

One road. Pick one, not two, not three, not compromising, pick 1. That's why. Because I'm an indecisive fool. When under pressure it is said that one can perform better but alternatively they could perform worse, making decisions that aren't very smart. Though I know to say now that I want to die, nevermind, wrong thought, I know to say now that I want to take the

I don't want to be here. I don't think extroversion or introversion matter here. The natural light coming through my window is digustingly orange and yellow, makes me want to eradicate myself. I don't think I understand the implications of my words. I don't think I understand the consequences of my actions. And I don't think I understand just how insignificant I really am here and in the future.
i feel a bit sick, wish i could lie down but i wasted all my time on an app because affiliation is a desire that is ingrained in humans from birth. useless, in my case.