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2021-10-17 17:05:21 (UTC)

It's Sunday already. ..

It's Sunday already. Saturday went by quick. I did my actual work and then I did my housework my chores and I was done nicely by about 2:30. Then I went to Rudy's and listened to the music they had 3 or 4 musicians coming and going yet the poor musicians come in and go and they were excellent I stayed until about 6 and they didn't tell about section and came home. Ate. watched TV . went to bed.

Then today I slept in until almost 8. Got up and did my computer stuff on my regular mail on my checks all the little natural pencil and paper stuff.
Joe call on the phone. He's still doing stuff on his computer too . his phone doesn't accept incoming calls yet it's brand new and he just hasn't figured it out yet.
Ordered my groceries delivered I do like that delivery that's that's really good.
So of course they botched it up it kind of looked like they just switched out one bag of my order with 1 bag of somebody else's order. I called to complain and they gave me a credit. And so I ordered the same stuff again.
Crazy Lisa came by. She had me step outside and look at my window sills there's a little bit of Bud poop on them so she very graciously pointed that out to me. Then she came inside and told me that Manny my dog has an ear infection. He's just fine and gets his annual appointment in 3 weeks anyway.
She went home and came back 10 minutes later with the medication and I threw it out.
I called dad and we talked for a little bit. His tenant has agreed to pay a month's rent a month's rent every week for apparently 4 weeks and that'll catch him up completely. I don't believe he can do that I just don't believe that he will do that he hasn't kept up his bargains his contracts his his statements so far. The only really new thing is that now there's a court order in place and hes in default and subject to a default judgment for the same exact amount of money just on a lien Is instead of the actual cash.
We talked about a bunch of other stuff too.
Then I ate watch some TV and pretty much went to bed.

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