Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-17 12:53:53 (UTC)

Woke up early today

Woke up early today been kinda unfocused thinking of taking a walk I want to stop seeing my parents but I’m worried I can’t i reflected on my life and realize things have gotten so much better my since of fashion is better and I’m more stable and happier though I’m still not very happy most of the time thinking of before I feel very healed but there’s along way to go I recently began trying to eat healthier I still plan on eating stuff with oil and sugar but I plan on not eating fried food and microwaved food and eating mostly sugar chocolate bars for sugar (though yesterday I had a lot of Carmel syrup and popcorn)

I’m also vegan but I was like that before

It’s now 353 I’m about to study for 30 more minutes I actually about 42 ‘minutes of 1 hours and 21 minutes finshed

Sadly I couldn’t focus till I got a deadline

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