Shakespeare's moon
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2021-10-16 05:59:25 (UTC)

safe harbor

I’m tired.
At the end of my rope.

Tired of being the strong one,
I want to run,
Feel those arms around me,
Telling me it's ok to let go.

The arms that tell me they are the strong one,
My safe place,
My calm in this storm in my mind.
My harbor in the hurricane winds.

The one to quiet the demons,
Screaming I am not good enough,
Yelling I’m less than I am.
The lifeline to pull me back,
When I dive off into the madness.

The one whose arm melts the pain,
Wraps me in a blanket of hope,
The one who opens a frozen, closed heart
Reminding me that love is not a lie.

I just want to breathe,
Rest my mind, soul and body
I need peace,
A reason to live.

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