My Boring Life
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2021-10-16 01:54:00 (UTC)

Now You Gotta Bite Your Tongue Till The Cold Bloods Running Down Your Face

I hate some people. If you throw trash out of your window while driving down the road or if you litter at all for any reason, you're a piece of shit for a human being. I will never understand how someone can just throw trash out of their window onto the beautiful green grass. I guess some people may think I overreact when I talk about people that litter but there isn't much beauty in the world. Keep nature clean. Animals shouldn't be found dead with garbage in their belly's. Please, keep your trash with you until you get home. Maybe it stinks, maybe it's dripping or maybe you just don't want it with you anymore. Wait until u see a trashcan or throw it out at home. Please.
I'm drunk and I can't get up. I hate going on and on. It's just uncaring people really get under my skin and my rage mixed with alcohol just makes me want to vent.
I think Pinky is avoiding me. I saw her outside today and when she saw me she quickly walked back into her house. I was stupid. I thought I did the right thing but I guess I was wrong. About the timing. I still think there is something there between us but she just didn't like the way I came on to her. I'll try again some other day.
Personal opinion only, I could be wrong but I think a lot of women in hetero relationships want to be bossed around. I think they want someone that will take charge and be a big strong man. I'm only going by what I've noticed over the years. The best relationships that I've seen that work have a dominant male and submissive woman. Like I'm not saying anyone should get beat, people should be equals. But I've seen men go out to work while their wives stay home and do chores, run errands or raise the kids. The man will come home and the woman cooks dinner. Then the rest of the evening they take turns caring for and spending time with the family. This is an old way of life but it works bc no one is expected to do too much. During the day he man works and makes money to support the family and the woman takes care of the home and family. In the evenings they all have time to spend as a family and they all do equal amounts of work. No one is overworked and the kids have their parents present. It just works. That's what I want. I want a partner. Some people are like " you don't want your woman to work?!" and I say no bc someone has to take care of the home. And I'm not sexist asshole. They could swap roles if the woman has a better education and wants to work and the man could stay home. But I think someone needs to work at home to make a home a good one. I personally would rather work if I had a family bc I'm terrible at housekeeping.

So this is weird but I feel like I need to make a note of it while it's on my mind. I thought I saw some guy following me around earlier at the grocery store. Everywhere I turned he was there. I noticed him bc he was wearing a bright red shirt. When I was driving home I looked up n my mirror and I swear I saw him driving the car behind mine. Then when I got home I saw a strange car parked in my neighbors yard and I thought I saw the guy in the red shirt duck behind that house. Earlier I could've sworn I heard someone up in the attic.
I've been taking Vyvance for a little while now to get some work done and John said that it could make me feel paranoid, I guess it's a common side effect. Maybe it's just the medicine and I'm imagining things. I don't know. Imma pass out now.