The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2021-10-16 01:12:38 (UTC)

Tuesday is my first day !!!

I go in for orientation Tuesday morning
for only three hours thank goodness.
Just the typical boring computer training.
Like safety tips etc... The videos every company has to have.

Im actually quite excited to be going back to work. Im already feeling better by getting up and leaving the house even for little things. I also wanted to start working now, since the cold weather is coming. And i wont be able to go outside really as much. And i do not want to be stuck inside the house all day. And not having a sleep shedule has just not been fun.

Will still keep an eye on the vertigo. Even though i haven't had anything happen in a while. But im going to keep an eye on it.

But here's to new beginnings.