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2021-10-15 20:25:19 (UTC)

A little blue today.

A little sunshine would do me good right now. Feel like taking of to the beach and lie naked on the sun disconecting from everyone and everything. That was my intention today, except I remember I need to by my med's and well then I wont have enough for that small lil trip. How do I keep myself sane? I have no idea, been on survivor mood way to long. I want to go somewhere tonight by myself. Maybe run to by me a coffee at that place where you can read free books while consuming a coffee. Anything that reminds me of home. I hate to admit but am in the blues right now and been trying extra hard to snap out of it. Yet all I've manage to do right now is breakfast and now I'm going to sleep it of or drink another cup of coffee haven't decided yet. So much for feeling happy about being friday.