Experienced Life
2021-10-15 11:16:53 (UTC)

Dumbass moment 🤪

I'm so stupid. Do not and I repeat do not post drunk!!! Might be safer to drive and text!! Kidding of course. Re-read my last stupid post. No worries, I be-atch slapped myself many times after re-reading it. Also, I found out how my friend has 32 yr old daughters. They are his step daughters. Wife's ex relationship so that's why they don't look like him. Of course, while drunk, you don't realize it. I know she asked me to take her kayaking but Im gonna throw that "I was drunk" excuse. I must've had at least 10 glasses of wine. Paried awesomely with the cheese, salami, dinner, etc, etc. At a certain point, screw the pairing and just let the alcohol flow. Food was ridiculously fantastic. When you have to select side dishes along with the main menu? Best dinner I've had in years. Last fancy-smancy dinner I had was with my ex gf years ago. This was even better because I didn't have to pay for anything except my ride there and back for Uber. Money well spent because I woke up passed out on the sofa the next day wondering how I got there. hehe. Party on Garth!!

So it's already Friday meaning the week went blazing by once again. No exactly sure how the week went by so quickly but glad it did. The weekend is here. I snuck in a gym class this morning so I got my workout done for today. No evening classes. My work day is light so I get to catch up or even get ahead of my work. Yeah baby!!

Today, I played the game with Sadia. Ignored her during class. Yes, childish behavior but a little experimenting and a lot of just being stupid. She of course made sure she purposely walked across me several time to make sure I saw her and was expecting a greeting. I just pretended to be focused on my workout.

Speaking of workout, we have this big guy that can lift heavy crap. We were doing weighted dumbbell squats with a pause at the bottom. I was doing 30 lb squats's Friday and I didn't want to kill myself. That was the heaviest anyone lifted. Of course, with the exception of the big guy. He is over 300 lbs and was squatting with a 95 lb dumbbell. He doesn't do it properly. Bent over instead of using the legs but still....95 lbs is tricking heavy. Most were doing under 30 lbs. Anyway, I said to myself...effe it. I'm going to give it a try. So I did. Grabbed the 95 lb dumbbell and gave it a try. I was doing it. It put my hamstrings to the limit but little old me got it!! Felt good doing it too. hehe.

That's all I got for now. Happy weekend peeps. Sorry again for my previous post.