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me and my life
2021-10-15 18:50:28 (UTC)


2021 dassera festival without V. Last yr was messed up mom illness and all. This year I would say I was blessed to have a good time than last year. We cooked food, did pooja and visited sis friend nothing much. Amidst this all i felt an emptiness. I felt like talking to someone but have no one to talk. All I could ti k of was R but for him it was a night. I guess i missed V, his presence during all festival. Feel so lonely without him. I remember hw we celebrated diwali and other festival together and dreamt of celebrating it when we get married. Wow time was so damn good. Does he miss me? I dont think so, he has his sis and his friend to be with him i have no one. monku miss you. Tomorrow is weekend. Ill apply jobs and complete my DM course. Nothing much to do. Its so complicated...
Hapy Dussera... cyaaa