Just a teenager
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2021-10-15 14:11:50 (UTC)


I don't wanna give today a rating but if I did it'd be a 7/10.

School was ok.I hanged out mostly with Ari and graces friends.I was absent yesterday.
Grace's cousin came too.In lunch break we hanged out with him,grace and one other girl.I think we've been hanging out together for the past two weeks.I love them.Well,maybe not all of them,but I least love grace and her cousin.
They invited me to a concert of a singer we all love and I really wanted to say yes but I couldn't be sure if my mom would let me go.The tickets weren't that expensive too.I'll ask them about the details on Monday.

Our teacher was absent for the last two periods and our school let us go home.So we left early and Gabbie insisted me to go out.I said I didn't have any money with me but she said it's ok so we went to drink some coffee.We walked around the streets and went to clothing shops and I saw a leather jacket which I LOVED.It's so my style.I want one so bad :( Imagine how it'd look with my boots ughhh I need that outfit :'(

Oh also I didn't eat much today I feel tired and a bit dizzy but I love it.I'm happy.

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