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2009-01-19 11:42:00 (UTC)

Like Father Like Son (Playlist)

album: "Like Father, Like Son" (2006)
Loyalty (Skit)
Over Here Hustlin'
Stuntin' Like My Daddy
1st Key
Like Father, Like Son
You Ain't Know
Family Rules (Skit)
Know What I'm Doin'
Don't Die
Ain't Worried Bout Shit
Out The Pound
Leather So Soft
Army Gunz
Protector (Skit)
Get That Money
No More
Cali Dro
About All That
Respect (Outro)
Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Rock Remix)
(Limited Edition Bonus Track)
Brown Paper Bag
(Limited Edition Bonus Track)
(Limited Edition Bonus Track)

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