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2021-10-15 11:10:18 (UTC)

Losing my 2nd mom

On the day my mother in law passed I thought that was the hardest day I would ever have to go through because On that same exact day I found out that I was pregnant and the older people began, you can't cry so much it's gone hurt the baby, so I held my tears to be strong for my husband and my kids, you can't go to the funeral it's going to affect the baby in some way shape or form. And that is where I drew the line because there was no way in the world I was going to miss it. She was my 2nd mom, and was there for us like no one would believe. Any grandmother who would take in a child as her own grandchild, Is the best thing a mother could hope for.. Those next 9 months were hard for me, from constant vomiting, constantly crying, feet swollen, false labor 3 times, and EARLY contractions. But 9 months later I had a healthy baby and I was extatic🤗🤗 it was a little harder this time without her but we know that she was still with us helping us through the days, and now baby 👶 is about to be 2. Yes we all still grieve for her and wish she was here but we know she is in a better place and no longer suffering, and for that we are thankful❤