Life Without A Map
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2021-10-15 07:05:34 (UTC)


Yesterday... Was a clusterfuck
Kelli said she needed some of her things and asked if she could come get them. She also mentioned that she had found Bryan's pay card in the back seat of her car.

I told her that I would set the things outside on the porch, and I asked her to put his card in the mailbox.

She was mad, and told me no. She would put it in a manilla envelope and pin it to our door since we were going to be so careless with her things.

I didn't want to deal with her... So I said fine. (Knowing that Bryan would be home)

Corey had a job interview at Hot Topic. I went with him for moral support...and also I was checking out what jobs were there. Corey was happy. He told me over and over that it was good to have his unfiltered mom back...lol

I hadn't realized it, but when I was with Kelli I didn't talk much. He said most of the time I just rolled my eyes and bit my tongue. No doubt because she had some snide remark about everything I said.

Anyways, when we were on the way home, Bryan called and was furious that Kelli had gotten her things and did not leave his card. (Did I mention that it was payday?)

So I call her to find out what was going on. She starts getting cocky saying that someone told her she had to send it certified mail, or hand it to him personally.

So I asked why she didn't hand it to him being that his door was open and he was home. She then tells me that she was too busy... She was out doing errands and she would return it whenever she got the chance.

Pissed me off...so I called Bryan at work and told him "fuck it... Report it stolen"
I didn't think she would try to use it, but just in case I wasn't going to take any chances. She was broke.. running around doing errands?? And she didn't leave the card when she was here .. I'm not playing that game and neither was Bryan.

It was a bit of a mess, but we got it straightened out, and his work gave him a temporary card. His money was not touched. Thank God.

Later in the evening, Corey and I got hungry and decided to go see if we could get the new card from Bryan and get something from Whataburger. (Bryan was at work.. aka also my old workplace)

When I walked in, Isaac (Manager) greeted me and half serious/half joking asked if I wanted to jump back to dish room and bail out the new guy that was by himself.

I laughed and was like sure...lol. He said he would talk to chef about it since technically I didn't work there anymore..lol. (I've been gone three weeks, and my last day I was a no call no show). I told him I was serious about wanting come back and he said he would have chef call me.

Low and behold..just as I got home I got a text from chef asking if I could come in today at 5:00. I said sure..and all he said was welcome back..lol

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