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Broken Glass Park
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2021-10-15 00:43:04 (UTC)

The Last Dab!

I finally got to try the last dab from Hot Ones. It's the XXX one. I don't know what season it's from. They say on the show that you can smell how spicy it is, but actually, you can't. To me, it smells like a mix of salsa verde and hot mustard. It tastes even better than that. I dont quite know how to describe it. It is the best hot sauce I've ever tasted. The flavor is amazing. I tried it last night on a chicken tender. My mouth was on fire for 5 minutes. Totally worth it, though. I sweated. It lingered for at least 5 minutes more. My nose was runny and my throat felt a little scratchy up to 15 minutes after. It actually hurt the roof of my mouth and my teeth a little! I thought the roof of my mouth would be scratched up, but no. It's not the same burn as eating something that's too hot temperature-wise.

I dipped french fries in it tonight. Only the tiniest bit on them. It's about 10 minutes later and I'm still sweating.

I would say that the people on Hot Ones overreact, but you have to consider that they were eating really hot wings before that and they probably had more of the sauce on their wing. I had it on a tiny chicken tender. I tried to spread it over it all and I did put another dab on. I watched the Joji episode when I did this.

After I watched that, I watched the Key and Peele one. Normally, Key is funnier to me (more my style of humour than Peele), but Peele was hilarious here.

I may get Da Bomb. The most dreaded one. It's way less scovilles than the last dab (135,000 approx. as opposed to 2,000,000 !), but I just always hear that it's nasty and bitter and just hot with no flavor (except being bitter, I guess).

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