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2021-10-14 11:54:03 (UTC)

I put this little cat bed ..

I put this little cat bed thing that I've had in the house for a while out in the shed for the cat that stays out in the shed his name is stranger I hope he likes it.
I put about 8 boxes of stuff out on the porch for Vietnam Veterans of America to come and pick up. It opens up space in the house for me to well donate more stuff.
Then out to Wellington for half A-day and then home again. Did 3 or 4 signatures and the weeks invoice and it took until right about 6 o'clock 630. Then I finished off the last of the Chinese food.
Started watching TV.
Joe called. He got his new phone hes got his old number hes got his voice message thing to contend with but he'll get it straightened out. He got his monthly check yesterday so hes got some shopping to do and that kind of stuff.
We said we'd try to get together this weekend.
Vietnam Veterans of America came and took their donation just like they said they would I'm very pleased with that.
I gave Entrust the last 4 digits of the credit card that I used to buy their signature thing and they say that they'll refund my money so that's looking OK. They had demanded that I use Internet Explorer to sign up with them and they did that after I already sent my money in. Internet explorers like 4 browsers back it's not supported by Microsoft anymore and I can't believe that any company that only exists for the sake of security demands that I use a non secure browser. But I will say they were quick to say that they'd give me back my money.

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