Silent Star

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2021-10-14 18:00:01 (UTC)

When It Hurts

You try to console yourself
Make it best and worth
Still you hurt yourself
As if your one wasted the birth

No one but you Hurt your heart
It always happens and you cry
Nobody will come around to live your part
Never ever think of it to try

There is a void in you to calm and hide
Stay in it when you are teared to pain
Every thought make your mind ride
To ask Why its me but no word again

Spare my mind and heart for peace
Every day is quest and battle for me
Shouldn't I feel sometime at ease
As all looks like conspiring against me

Dark clouds have engulfed the light
Life turned from bright to gloomy night
Caring is vanished and fear is left
Who bothers now what future had kept

Look around the People are growing
Why am still here jumping
Hoping to catch the cool breeze
I was given a bed to freeze


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