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Life through my spiritual eyes❤️
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2021-10-14 08:11:57 (UTC)

Unexplainable Connection? ❤️

"It's so important to pay attention to your intuition. Since everything is energy, nothing happens without an announcement. Many just miss the message"
Good Morning!⛈️
It is supposed to storm all day, yay! Love stormy weather, so cozy. I received my hot tub last night. I loveee it! I have someone to run the wiring for it and should be in operation by this weekend sometime. Super excited!

I slept fairly well. Aside from one nightmare, I had a dream that left me with more questions than answers lol. I had a dream about a guy. If I remember his name right, it was Charlie. I was in a new place and he was kind of navigating me through it. Showing me the lay of the land so to speak. There was an instant connection. I mean, instant. I felt safe, comfortable and I had this trust for him I cannot explain. There was such a strong familiarity. It was unlike every relationship or friendship I have had or do have, aside from my lost love Jordan. There was just something from the moment of meeting him. I felt it. The confusing part is.. There was major flirting. Mostly from him but yes from me as well. I wrote a few days back about how Spirit Guides can come to you in the form of a dream to guide you through things. Usually, that does not entail flirting. It's guidance, it's usually in ways that Discover and align with our purpose. Recognize what inner wounds are ready to heal. Taking the next steps in our work and personal life. And to see a greater perspective on a challenge we are facing. Not usually are the ones where flirting is there. My perception questions, was Jordan, Charlie. Departed love ones can take on the role of Spirit Guides.
I have had dreams before with Jordan in them but not as a Spirit Guide so it's a bit confusing. I spoke to my best friend M this morning and she said that you can form a Spiritual connection with someone you have never met or not yet met. She is far longer in her spiritual journey than I am. She stated it could be someone coming into my life and it could be Jordan. To pay attention to what happens over the next while. In dreams and in daily life and write down things about "Charlie" and things that I remembered so if I were to see it again, I know it's related. I cannot explain that dream other than.. It was so surreal. I felt such a strong, spiritual connection with this "Charlie".. If it's someone I am set to meet...bring it! That connection! haha

Working today for a few hours this morning. Blah lol. Last night my blood sugar dropped so low, lower than I have ever experienced. I literally had sweat dripping off me. I felt like I was going to pass out. It's never been that bad. I started eating anything I could get my hands on to bring it back up lol. It came up after a few minutes. I laid in my bed with the ceiling fan on to cool off and instantly passed out..for 2.5 hours haha. I woke to feel really drained. That does happen. It makes me incredibly tired afterward but that was extreme.

I read an article last night before bed that made me feel so sick to my stomach. I will link it below. It's about Fauci, Bill Gates, and Big Pharma. If this is true. Its proof evil does exist.

Not much else to write about so I will share a tarot read from my friend a tarot reader. I hope it resonates with some of you. I know, it's about love, again. Not sure what she is trying to tell me lol
💜An unexpected visitor from your past may pop up in the coming days or weeks. For some, this will happen today. When this happens, you may be unsure what they want as they aren't revealing too much. I feel they're being nosey 😅 they may want to give you something but won't reveal that straight away. They want to test the water, to begin with.💜
💜Also, a secret from the past may be revealed soon. Don't fear this, as I'm shown it will actually help break through a block so if a secret does come to light then it's needed to end a period of stagnation. It'll help overcome obstacles and keep you on track towards your goals.💜

Have a beautiful day!💜