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2021-10-14 10:55:00 (UTC)

My week

The reason I am writing right now is because I am at home and I'm free to do this I've been earning $10 every time I've been helping my dad being a ball runner for my brother so today I'm going to earn another $10 so yeah I only have $15 to pay off now my parents if I get this money cuz then I'll probably if I do it on Monday I have $10 and I only have $5 to pay off so yeah I am pretty excited for that so now I can start buying Robux again so yesterday I had to clean my whole entire bedroom and this week I had learned how to make grilled cheese and burgers in the air fryer show oh my God because I'm going to have to go out very very soon to help with the football and earlier today I decorated my room with feather string and Beads