just kevs

just kevs
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2021-10-14 14:49:38 (UTC)


So book excerpt has dropped in my fb. Is a really rough draft, hopefully will have it finished by Xmas.
It is strange, rereading it I can see just how one sided everything was and how totally oblivious to it I was.
But her words never matched her actions, from telling me she loved me to making plans to live together including relocating her business to my house.
Just a lesson learnt
She is a true narcissist who is actually proud of her cheating
Even now, she’s in a relationship and on singles pages even though so many people know bout her relationship. Zero morals and zero remorse
Was told today that after I posted excerpt she posted pic of typewriter, just a tad coincidental I think
But might be nice and give every single one of her family members a copy of book when it’s done
Did change names in book do as to not publicly shame her, not hers, her family or anyone else’s real names are used.
Wouldn’t matter if I didn’t though, it’s all true so slander is not even an issue
Plus, anecdotes from a lot of people in her past so everything can be verified
But remember she represents only a small portion of the whole story, yes I’m releasing it as an individual story however eventually will firm part of my full biography

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