You got me to relate too

Somethings you can relate too</3
2021-10-14 11:55:11 (UTC)

I want someone too

We are someone who sleeps alone, cuddles ourselves, someone who can't hold hands with another. They say one day they will come, they will hold you when you most need them. I need them, right now, every second. I want to tell someone to know that I am not happy, someone who actually loves me.

Done with your fantasies? well, we live in our fantasies because nobody actually gives 2 f*cks about you or me. Nobody cares that we are alone, that we cant protect ourselves. They were always right, everyone is selfish, so are you right now, you are being selfish by only wanting this certain someone.

Some of you may be in love, some of you are looking for love, and some just don't know. We can never be like those characters because this is the REAL world, not some fanfiction that you'll start crying in front of your house and a good-looking person will come and comfort you. You will finally realize that the quote, 'we are born alone, and we will die alone' is true, or maybe it's not, maybe you and I are just unlucky, maybe love is not for us.

We listen to romantic songs thinking about someone who never existed. Why do we think love is the answer to happiness? maybe because we never felt it. I can't control my tears when I am alone. I don't want somebody who can buy me things, get me a big house and a happy life, I just want someone who can tell us these four words, 'Everything will be alright I don't want somebody to ask me if everything is ok or not because it's not, I don't want somebody to ask me if what wrong? because everything is wrong. Somebody who can hold my hand, promise me everything will be alright, help me when I am drowning, wipe my tears and hug me... is it too much to ask for?

What is love? a feeling? a vibe? a sexual activity? we will never know...

We can't love... we can't touch... we can't smile... we can't speak... we can't be who we are... but we can cry...

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