2021-10-14 14:37:10 (UTC)


It's funny. I've just spent some time writing an entry that encouraged more contemplation. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to stay private because I have this really strict opinion about seeming like a wise-ass. If I were ever to publish those entries then they would have to be in essay form, well thought out, with references and study so that they can actually be beneficial to the reader rather than a brain fart of someone who just wants to vomit opinions on other people. I've become too sensitive when in the presence of such people, oddly enough. My behavior is restrained enough and my growing confidence in myself reassures it but I still have to suppress annoyance afterwards. Does admitting that make me arrogant? Great, now I have to worry about THAT.

Anyway, let roaming when daydreams flow. Tomorrow, hopefully, will be a full on studio session to finish an A4 drawing I've been working on for quite some time now. Simply seeing that I'm actualizing a concept drawing on paper is actually incredibly rewarding, all jokes aside. It reinforces more productivity. It's also not half bad that these works also have meaning to me; like a little thought or emotion or even a story in a picture. I'm usually reserved about putting in too many details that might reveal my identity but I'd actually love to share some drawings here, especially if they are in fact the subjects of certain entries. Not in a commercial way, obviously. That'll get me to use the entry header image.

As always, time (and my mood) will tell.

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