Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
2021-10-13 23:18:57 (UTC)

Happy October

Did you miss me? It haa been an interesting few weeks. I broke up with a young sub, he has a new mistress. It hurts, but I know its just my ego.

An old sub came calling, but I didn't have time for him. I don't think I want to rekindle the past.

I'm keeping busy cleaning house and working on my current and final communications class.
Of course, I'm still doing physical therapy. Went out to a drag show last week. Sitting on those bar stools was not good for my back. However, it did motivate me to move more. I'm seriously out of shape. Correction, I am not where I used to be, and keep telling myself that the more I exert an effort, the pain will eventually die down.

I was not ready for the aging process. While I have done many things, and have a LARGE toolbox of exercises I can use, it has been challenging to create a slow and steady routine. I'm cleaning my house, so I must be doing something right. Morning stiffness will become part of my life. Thats great if you have a nice to suck on, not so great when its arthritis 😠

I've been doing a lot of Reiki lately. I call back my energy nightly, and have realized I need to dig deep. My mother was abusive. I have a lot to process. I meditated last night while I was in the tub. I asked when I can expect to be ready to go back to work. 30 days. I started asking if I should. . . . . The answer was a resounding, "No!" My focus needs to be on healing myself, as there is no point making a decision based on a limited point of view. That's some profound shit!

Which leads me to my next point, raising the vibration of your soul. I practice Reiki. I'm a third degree practitioner. I have lived a life of privilege. On those days that I've been glowing, I've been treated well by the others. You deserve the same. Maybe, I'll write some affirmations. We all need a glow up. 😁

Good night🌛

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