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2021-10-14 01:07:21 (UTC)

Wednesday 2 am Prayers needed

I am still feeling uneasy with the dizziness. I tried to get Tuesday started to go through some files...and clear that part of my office area up..again...I need to go through old files...and make room for a more orderly set up. This is mostly because I have our family files, mixed in with my business files. But all I was able to do today was set it up to work, at least that is done. I could go in there right now and work on it a little....then tomorrow if I feel like, this work area will stay set up until it is complete. Plus being the last quarter of the year...I would feel more confident if I could get the end of year reports in order so, my 3rd yr in business will start smoother in January.

My friend who lost her son...sent me a warm note on messenger...thanking me for a donation I made to the go fund me page...for his family. Today her daughter in law's mother sent me a thank you note...too. I am not sure what to say to a thank you...I was not trying to put any light on me...I just wanted to help his family...leaving behind a wife and kids...I knew he was from a wonderful family...I could have been a part of if things had worked out...I knew the grandparents...uncles...and was like that at one time. I was there when he was born...and it touched my soul to see his life begin....and tore my heart up to learn he left us so soon. But I know that in between time...was well he was a good man. A real good man.

So, I am a little concerned about the Ultra Sound tomorrow. I am still having the dizziness...and it is not lighting up much...or I could simply be getting use to it. But tomorrow is here...almost. My appointment is at 3:30. It is most likely gonna be fat tissue...or being dense in my boobie. My daughter said she had to do the same thing and was told it was 'hereditary" so there is that possibility. If I can just get through tomorrow...with no bad news...maybe I can tackle those files Friday. Time will tell.

I have spent some time feeling grateful...and then bitter....then grateful....a roller coaster to feel good and then slope down to a state of depression....then...I pull myself out of it with all I have to be thankful for....I guess this is sort of normal to feel unsteady during times like this....death...sadness....which bring up memories...thought to have been forgot....and those times when it was reminded me that life is like that. Some of the time everything is going fine...we are satisfied, happy, content then an event will knock us off our feet...crawling around on ground level trying to get back up again....many times in fact....but we always get back up again. So, there is hope. NC...where I live...we are experiencing many more emergency sirens....tests...for our Nuke plant near here...
plus many emergency broadcasting interruptions being tested. My cable is rebooting a husband brought it up today...( or yesterday ) wondering what is up with all the test? He seems to think we are in deep trouble the US. And the worse has not hit us yet. With his paranoia and my conspiracy is not unusual to feel uneasy...and I do.

We have said many times..."let's just get through this day" or "let's just get through this week" or "month"...

I just want to get to the end of this we can hope once again for some good news.

More about tomorrow...when I know more.