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Venter's Blog
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2021-10-14 06:09:26 (UTC)

The end to the beginning

It's this early and all I can think of is the end of the day. How is my mind supposed to cope with all the traffic. Fasting is supposed to bring peace of mind, tranquility...or so I'm told. I feel like a bloody pitbull on a tight leash with a spiked collar inside out. It's actually painful. I'm supposed to be older and wiser. Right now all I am is bitchy, irritable lost. This day in and day out stuff is not supposed to be this hard is it? Why can't I just decide stuff about life...make a choice...choose a path...and go go go...O yes!
Not happening co I'm still stuck between lines and thoughts and as usual I have no bloody proper train of thought to plan out my life.