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2021-10-13 22:04:44 (UTC)

Still got some game left in me 😊

So tonight, I went to a party. It was a good friend of mine and he is very popular and very friendly with everyone. For some reason, he really likes me as a very good work friend. So with that comes all the accolades. Tonight, I was dressed to kill. Nice pants, brown boots, nice fitting shirt to show my dorito chip frame and at the same time, hide the fat on the side. Yeah.. looked pretty cool in a sports coat. I did get lots of interest and som e1/2 lame promises of me to take them out and do nature stuff like kayak fishing. I dunno. I'm drunk so I'll find out in the morning on what I promised people. Pffft!! Haha.

The main thing I'm concerned about is that I think my friend's daughter hit on me tonight. She's 33 yrs old so in that concept not out of my dating range. However, it's my friend's daughter so that makes it taboo. hehe.

My phone was dying so I called my friend to pick my sorry ass up. He was there promptly and got me home safe and sound. So I'm home now. All good.Drumk as a skunk but safe and sound at home. BTW, I do see the single available women around. Yeah... might be safer if you keep them away from me right now. I sort of already have a date with someone to go out and she has a boyfriend and she's still gone go out with me. I'm sure in my sober state, I will find a resolution to this issue. I don't cross that line. Well, maybe I would drunk but not sober. so...yeah.. happy happy joy joy peeps :)

I kept my integrity or whatever it is you call it. More like "I didn't get freaked but didn't get hacked by psycho tonight.

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