from my heart
2021-10-13 21:59:36 (UTC)

questions for you

11:00 pm

why do you expect me to treat you with such respect while you treat me like a penny on the floor that everyone ignores
why do you expect me to believe that you would stay when you've already left me more than three times
why are you angry that i am in love with someone new when all you have shown me was indifference
why do want me when you've always pushed me away
why do you suddenly pretend to care about my feelings when you mocked me when i was hopelessly crying in front of you
why do you hate that i am trying so hard to be happy
why do you try to prevent me from reaching towards my dreams in life
why do you threaten me with violence when all i have ever shown to you was tender, soft consideration towards your well being

why did you take me for granted ?

because you thought i would never leave?
because you thought i would always stay by your side?
because you think i am weak and fragile and dependent?
because i would be too afraid to go outside of the miserable comfort zone you hade created for me?

i was always lonely but having you in my life made me only lonelier.
i could never hate you but keeping you out of my life is loving myself
a hundred shards could pierce through my heart and even that wouldn't be enough for the way you made me feel
i hate to say goodbye's but you're the one person i'd never want to meet again

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