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2021-10-14 01:46:04 (UTC)

Test for this but not for that. The diagnostic stereotype for those with with mental distress.

At the age of 13, the age in which adolescents began to have "symptoms" of mental distress, with a higher percentage being females, is the age of onset of my "disordered" behavior. There are so many dimensions. Many I have not thoroughly studied. I have more education to get and am in no way an expert. However, for so many years, I sat wondering what was wrong with me. Why? WHY did I feel crazy. I just felt so very incompetent. Free analysis really bothers me, but I suppose it is evidence-based practice or IDK rn. Instead of being upset or thinking about the years that could have been better, I think of the lesson and what my experience one day may offer another who was placed in the wrong box with the wrong label. I look back at the history and treatment of those with mental distress or, in other words, psychological disorders, and understand psychology is changing from my youth. The DSM and its boxes, though! What bothers me so much is while it helps with statistical majorities, how much is not for the patient but the insurance company. It is beyond frustrating. Businesses create our identity. They tell us how to live, what to think, how to feel, what we want, and then say you're fucked up because you cannot work at a rate that is impossible. Nonetheless, would the doctor cast your arm without an x-ray? The short answer is no, not a majority of the time. However, we have doctors and psychologists checking boxes off of a fifteen-minute evaluation based on the patient's mood and memory at the time of visit. Like ok. The way in which those who prescribe and treat those with mental distress is in need of revision. I know my impact will be small but if I can make a dent in the problem… or help another… #GOALS