If I die today
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2021-10-13 17:20:39 (UTC)

everything is akward

We just got back from the dispenery abou an hour ago . Ate macncheese and tacos now settleing for the night I will try the new with nDea just to try it. nDea was late for lunch he incalled ahead and so on it just set the evening/afternnoon off an hour so I had a few hours between lunch and his time home to do afew things usually nap exersize shower and maybe dishes and in my drinking days itll be an happy hour. 3oclock is always coffeetime thou. Anyhow a little off. did an excersize video this morning . After some chores walked the dog. I did a 10min workout before my shower since the nap was later. Anyhow I did a melation last night I dreamed too now I dont recall what. I've been having a lot of dreams and waking up and down a lot lately. I did not take a prayer time beofre todays nap. I'm starting to take ofence to the spoiled dog and also I'm jsut a little sad and feel stupud and akward that the pet bed thing isnt working out but I'll give it thru the end of the week then I guess its just back to using the blanket. Winter clothes are overwhelming having a hard time gaging what I need and what is truly "good" I want to look well not flashy but I do still want to look like a woman. so its hard to pick out what I need /want and what fits and not. everything just jumbled in my brain so IDk what to do or think. theres nothing much really to share or anything new odd or differnt other than whats said. maybe tommorw I'll have more writing time. nDea just showered so i'm kinda eager to snuggle or something (or something doesnt mean sex it just means spending time).

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