Please leave no scuff marks.
2021-10-14 00:12:36 (UTC)


Work all morning from home. Took the day off from going out to Wellington. That will cost me on payday but oh well.
Went on line for Vietnam Veterans of America and scheduled the pickup for tomorrow I'll put the stuff out tomorrow morning and then just hope they actually pick it up.
Finished cleaning up the shed and got it to got it to where it's ready for the next stage. The next step is getting Beverly's stuff out of storage and either getting it to Vietnam veterans or taking it downtown to sell it at the consignment shops whichever is called for I guess.
Ordered Chinese delivered I got pork egg Fu young and sweet-and-sour pork. A quart of each not a combo. It's the same price and you get actual food instead of just a big old pile of rice.
Then watched TV. Is watched a horror trilogy from the seventies or maybe the eighties. It was as bad as it sounds but I was really just playing on my phone anyway.

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