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2021-10-13 20:02:16 (UTC)

Over Care & Over Love ❤️

I’ll tell you that there are times when I wish I could just shut off my thoughts and feelings…
Because on those long nights when time drags on ever so slowly,
I get almost overwhelmed by overthinking about everyone and everything in my life.
What could happen, what may happen, what might happen..
Even what has happened…
The list goes on about the thoughts that flash through my mind.
I’ve seen many a sunrise because my mind just won’t shut off and let me rest.
Some might consider it a curse and problem, but I’ve learned to make peace with it.
Sure, I wish I wouldn’t miss sleep as often as I do, but that’s just the over-connected parts of me that care deeply and love intensely.
I can’t imagine my life without days full of vigor and love brimming with passion.
It makes me feel alive and gives me purpose and happiness…
And I need all of that and more.
So, don’t look at me with pity because I overthink and maybe don’t sleep enough or have times when I get lost in thought…
Appreciate that I’m exactly the way I choose to be because it makes me happy.
Whether you’re my friend, family, or partner, you know that you’ll always get all of my heart, every single day.
And who doesn’t want all the love they can get?
I know I do.
So, yes, I do overthink…
But I also overcare and over love.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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