Ruby’s small adventures
2021-10-13 22:46:38 (UTC)

Took a bath

I took a bath and that go rid of some stress in m body but some of it is still there I’m frustrated I’m scared everything now is going to be the same later on my art stinks, i eat microwave food because I can’t make real food quick egnough and it’s not good for me sometimes I vomit it up and other nasty things I’m still seeing my parents
I don’t have many friends my friend who I had so much fun with is leaving
My teeth have a cavity in it but the place is so far away and I might have to pay for it though I have listed money

Also I have to “cheat” on my test to get a better grade it’s open book but I’m scared I wanted to know the material by heart though I’m not interested in this class

Thinking of just making real food and if I can’t just not eating can’t solve anything else

Also paying to much for ubers instead of getting in a bus

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