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2022-01-15 20:25:00 (UTC)

Smoke A (Photos Version)

[Intro: Juicy J]
Yo, too damn high.

[Hook x2: Juicy J]
This OG Kush, what I'm smokin' nigga.
Put the fire to a hater, and smoke a nigga.
I pull them whips out, and I'm smokin' nigga.
You think you hot as me, hold on, you must be smokin' nigga.

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Cali weed in a dutch, purple lean in my cup
Smokin' while I'm drivin', nigga we be fucked up.
Hit the weed then pass out, homie you an amateur
This bitch is bad as fuck so I'm a grab that camera bruh.
Peelin' bank rolls, Condo full of bad bitches.
Lot of pills, lot of weed, and a lot of liquor.
Sprinkle hash on a blunt bitch I'm rich and double cup
Ain't no time bein' wasted time to roll another up
Trippy niggas getting high, man that's what we all do.
She know I'm with them Taylors, wanna fuck the whole crew.
Smokin' out the phantom Rolls, tryna stay low key
If what's in the air then you know it's me.


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Smokin' on this potent, feelin' like I'm floatin'.
Lookin' like I'm Chinese cause my eyes are barely open.
Weed in my king size and right beside me got that potion.
Rollin' up that ganja all my diamonds like the ocean.
All looked like I cloned em, all look like they glowin'
All look like they snowin', I should build a snowman.
Pulled out my garage to show my car cause I'm a showman
Can't get in my closet cause I got all of this clothin'
Smokin' out Ill show you how to roll one up and blow it down
I'm on the stage you in the crowd I'm in the air you on the ground
You on that uh, I'm on that loud.
I'm on that island Veuve Clicquot money pilin'.


[Verse 3: Juicy J]
I got a bad bitch on a hash pipe, and that ass right
I don't know Lil shawty name, I just call her last night
Ballin' hard coppin' foreign cars like they half price
Blowin' loud, Juicy J be higher than the gas price.
Mary Jane, bitch I get so high call me Eddy Kane.
Freaky bitch, and she drippin' wet, it's a hurricane.
Dope boy, I got it on my own, I come from selling stones
Old school, nigga get naked like a hairy bone
Codeine all in my cup, I got your queen all on my nuts.
I spray she drink it up, that's right she freaky as fuck.
Trippy nigga fresh to death, like the after life
Juicy J I feel outta space, cause I'm gettin' higher than a satellite.


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