My History Of Familial Incest
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2021-10-10 01:06:55 (UTC)

Busy busy busy

The past few days have been really exhausting. Always so much to do and never enough time. In one way keeping busy keeps creeping thoughts at bay. It's hard to overthink when you are going from one thing to the next. Gym session was great, it left me feeling energized despite the hard work. Little by little I am getting that sense of a core strength back and it feels good. I like feeling good. It's not easy for me to grasp it. As well positive things happened this week too, work wise and other.
Apparently the resolving factor of the orgasm problem is after working out. HIM texted me and said he was feeling it and suddenly I was. No building up to it or turning the mind on. The endorphins were doing (and did) their thing. I found a little private time and took it. It was such a relief after the past several times where it wasn't so good. I tend to find myself turned on after working out so a good "O" did the trick. Next month I am seeing a new GYN so I hope this one will be more open to answering my question vs. running out the door in 10 minutes. With middle age I think it's important to keep an eye on things.
HIM. I want to love him but I don't. I like him and maybe one day I could love him but how long should I wait? That's seems to be a common theme for my life. He fits in my life right now. That is the best I can say, and the fact that I would miss him if he wasn't. But, it needs to be more than that right?
So yes's a decent day. I need more and more of those.