Experienced Life
2021-10-13 12:21:22 (UTC)

The non Chad chasers 😊

Was gonna drop the subject but I want to leave it on a positive note. There are actually a bunch on non Chad chasers that I know. Most are not single bu they are there. Devanie is one. She wasn't in a relationship or dated for 10 yrs until she met her current bf. Not sure why she wasn't dating but she is pretty and nice. Known her for 4 yrs now maybe? She's been going with this guy for 2 yrs now. Augusta is another non Chad chaser. She's been married for over 15 yrs now. Another pretty woman and she has a hard body. She dresses humbly at the gym always wearing an oversized T shirt not to show off her figure. Been friends with her for years now and she again is another very nice person. My superstar friend and her sister are another two. Superstar never dated till this current dude. She's been with him for about 2 yrs now. Her first boyfriend and she's 21. Her Sister is just as awesome. Both are pretty but Superstar is a tad bit prettier. Michelle is just beaming with niceness. She is normal looking and not physically beautiful like the ones I just mentioned. However, knowing her personality just shows how awesome of a wife and mom she is. Every time I see her and we are chatting, I picture her to be carrying a tray of freshly baked cookies passing it around. She is that kind of adorable niceness.

So yes, there are a bunch of non Chad chasers. Just that they are not available and are already in nice healthy relationships. Except for Superstar's sister. Don't know her status. Just thought I'd point this out. The keepers are out there. They just chose well so they aren't single anymore or most aren't because they are that valuable as a catch.

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