Just a teenager
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2021-10-13 17:05:05 (UTC)


Tired.That's how I feel.I'm so tired that I struggle getting my arms up to type this.

I was late for school today.Didn't do my homework.My art teacher called me halfway through the first period and I went down to art class to do a drawing project.I spent the next four periods there.I was quite happy about missing math and literature.On fifth period I got back to class again.I was mostly with grace in lunchbreak and it was nice.Her cousin didn't came today either.A lot of people were abstent.My deskmate was quarantined and she was back today but we didn't sit together and never talked.I gotta give her papers back to her tomorrow.Today went by REALLY fast.Probably because I only was in class for two hours.

I went to buy a new stove with my mom.She made me carry it and that's why I'm so tired.We placed it in our new house and I think it's not that bad.Just quite pisses me off thinking I'll live together with my grandma.

Nothing significant and I feel good.

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