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2021-10-13 15:32:29 (UTC)

Before I decided to go

I want to go back a few years to explain a few thing, I work in the medical field which I have been for a while, but over the past couple years, it feels like I have been tested, and through it all my choices were tested. In 2019 I lost my mother-n-law, and I questioned everything that I have been doing. I blamed myself because I used everything that I learned, followed all of the directions from the doctors, and I felt as though I was doing everything wrong, but I know that she was suffering and in pain, and that she was praying for it to stop, and for us to be ok, while we were hoping for the disease to go away. One friends, coworker at the time, explained to me that even though you are hurting you have to put your trust in GOD and know that everything he does is for a reason. I can honestly say I still blamed him because of the pain that my family went though and had to feel, but I still believed in him and that he was our higher power and he has the last say so.

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