Failed Prototype

A failed prototype
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2021-10-13 23:39:51 (UTC)


I have stronger physical pain in my body due to depression or anxiety or anything related. When I see my thesis or program on pc, I start to have a breathing problem, I can feel something is striking my heart and my hands and arms are shaking. I feel so bad day by day yet have no money for any treatment. The medicine costs about 1000 RMB per month and it is excluded from medical care just because it is a psychological medicine.
That physical pain makes me can't focus on doing my thesis. Nobody wants to help me because I am in a Darwinism country. My classmates are so happy to see my failure and they never say anything helping. So do my professor, he just said that if you can't do it yourself, then you are not adequate to graduate.
I feel so bad these days. I want I could never exist to the world