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I Hate Middle School
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2021-10-12 18:13:55 (UTC)

I'm Bored


For once I'm writing in here and in a good mood! I know it's a first. I'm in health class rn and I don't really know what to talk about. I guess I'll talk about music cause that's my go-to conversation topic. Speaking of which, you'd be surprised how many people have no clue what songs and artists they listen to. I thought that everyone paid attention to that stuff but I'd say only around half, maybe less, people actually care. I honestly don't understand how you can not take note of that. How are they gonna put together a playlist or find more music to listen to. Hell, some people don't even know what genre they listen to! I get if you listen to glitchcore or fucking- hillbilly rock or some hard-to-remember shit like that but how do you not know what pop music is? Or Rock? Not to mention subcategories like punk rock or electro-pop! Those are like the basic types of music and you don't know them!?!? Stupiddddddddddd... Wow why did I get so mad over that? Well- I know why I got that mad but why do I even care in the first place?

Have you ever listened to Gwen Stefani? I knowwwww "what child listens to Gwen Stefani" but shut up, I do! I didn't know how much of her music I liked till I started looking at the names of the musicians a few years ago and just recently I realized how much Gwen Stefani I listen to. And wow is her voice pretty. I mostly like her Rock music and her Electro pop but all her music is really good! Spiderwebs, Bubble Pop Electric, Just A Girl~ YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Another person I realized I like is Lady Gaga. I'm more of a Punk rock person myself but I really like her music. Judas, Bloody Mary, Bad Romance, I could listen to it all day. Also, this one was personally really unexpected but Britney Spears -- quick note; I prefer punk rock most of the time, this list is non-rock bands/artists I found myself enjoying -- anyways, Britney Spears... super unexpected, but I enjoy a few of her songs. Gimmie More, Womanizer, Criminal, and the occasional Toxic and Oops!...I Did It Again. Btw can we just talk about how annoying it can be when songs have punctuation in the name? I get it if you want an exclamation point as an upside-down i or something I understand but do you really need the name of your song to be a whole sentence? Whatever, I've gotta go, class is almost over. Bye Bye!