stupid life
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2021-10-13 14:48:20 (UTC)


is it normal to feel like giving up after every small setback i face? Everything affects me too much and makes me anxious. So anxious that unless that problem gets solved i cant eat, sleep, relax or do anyything else. I am tired of feeling like this. I dont have any energy left in me. I have this thing going on at work and it still hasnt been solved. Because of that i havent slept properly for the past few days. So much so that i fell asleep while working yesterday. I really do want to give up. its just not worth living for. if my parents were...i would have..

But i do enjoying living. Its just the anxiety that overcomes it. No matter what i tell myself. I just cant stop worrying. It is draining me. It also has been physically affecting me. My hair, turning grey since i was 16. Every doctor/specialist i went to asked me if theres any extreme stress in my life. It is weird though...some years back it had become almost fully its partially grey again.

One positive thing about me would be that i have this ability to forget things lol. After this work problem gets solved i am sure i will be like things arent that bad..i was being overdramatic.
But i am tired being like this.