If I die today
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2021-10-12 14:38:18 (UTC)

self control

Overspent today. but I got a vaccum a dirt devil 3 in 1 stick. its a start I overspent for todays budget but not for the whole bank. buttt no word yet on the atty bill and well theres the whole debt issue so anything can happen anytime. Anyhow dreamed last night I was atTanya's and went with graceandbob to "their' chruch that was catholic and they were showing me on its not so bad. then when we got back tanyawas ingorning me so I went up and said I'm sorry. Are we not talkig and we hugged I apologied and we were friends. Graceshowed me her squash/pumpkins and was saying how growing these is how she will make money to buy her car but she gave me one and I was going to give her money for it. And the rest is a blurry and I woke up. Anyhow in the interest of health I am not drinking today. I'm trying to be more aware of what I'm eating and d better there. The exceersize app was down today. this morning wa laundry day so I let myself skip sweeping the floor even thou well I had finished most the other chores I set out today before lunch. I made myself take the dog for a walk after lunch we did dam close to 30min I was frustrated with traffic and testy with him soo this dam dog which I shouldnt say but anyhow this morning I put him on leash outside and then I went to let him in he was cold and sad looking too althou he was olny out 3min anyhow I let him off the leash to come in and bam he bolted the other way. so annoying. I'm trying real hard not to buy 2 or at least one 'winter " outfit right now. Trying to be more forgiving overall. well I still need to make suace for dinner and a few thigns Id like to do before my love gets home . nothing super inspiring or "new' today just managing the fact Im not well displined or in control. Theres not much a defence so I'm a piece of work. Tanyais on my mind but I'm not sure what I can do there. Id like the divorce to just be over and then i hope to remarry .

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