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2021-10-12 20:29:22 (UTC)

Mending fences

I can honestly say that 2021 has been the hardest year that I have ever had, but I have made some decisions that I am so thankful and glad that I made. Lets start before my birthday. In January I began a new job, February, I took that step and began going to church, again, and that decision alone has been the best thing I could have ever done. Anyone that knows me, know that I have tried the church thing multiple times, and I have quit attending multiple times. I chose to quit mostly because I have never met some of the most judgemental, hurtful, and even some hateful people in this world, whom you would think would be different, but at that time I just thought forget it and I'm done with church and "church folk", until now. I have a friend who instead of judging me for the things that I have done, she told me that no one I perfect and despite how much wrong you think you have done, there are people who have done the same things, if not worse. The thing about my friend is that she is a church person, but it was a different kind of church, it is a true definition of a family. A family that I have always dreamed of, that I never really had in my personal life. On top of being a family they took the time to teach me about, and help me begin my journey on having a closer relationship with GOD and for that I ma forever thankful. That fence has been mended, and the links will forever hold on