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I Hate High School
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2021-09-30 00:48:29 (UTC)

I Am So Done With Everything


I just wanted to inform anyone who cares that I have just given up on this week. I hate this week so goddamn muchhhhhhhh. And the worst part is, it's literally all my fault. First, on Sunday my mom

Later that night my mom took me to go get a leotard cause I was re-joining my dance class after a year-long break but last second -- due to the stress of them not having any leotards and the fact that I'm gonna have to perform on stage and the pressure of BEING SURROUNDED MY THESE PRETTY, SKINNY, FLEXIBLE FUCKING BARBIES -- I decided I wasn't going back. I told my mom I didnt want to go purely because of the performing on stage and of course she got mad at me and went into one of her mood pendulums. I'd say mood swings but it goes back and forth. At first, she was mad, making me sit in the back seat while the front seat was open. Then she was sad telling me not to give up on something "I loved so much". And then she was back to yelling at me for wasting all this time. Then she was calm-ish-ly questioning if there were any other reasons I didn't want to go. And then she yelled at me for making her find out all this information. And it just kept going on and on and on and I'm honestly not sure whether I wanted to die at that moment or kill her. (I got cut off)


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