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2021-10-12 18:08:25 (UTC)

Hhaha you thought you had it bad...

So the term indian is like popcorn. you know. its too bloddy generic. you got em caramel and salted and extra cheese and just plain types.

so same way you got a buch of religions and morons of different cultures living together in this shithole the world commonly calls india. commonly tagged as indians.

so i read this in the news and got me to laugh. so this one morons from one of them popcorn flavor said he is gonna sell his flat only to a certain flavor of popcorn. hahaha. so that got the rest of the flavored popcorn pissed off. so basically its like saying i sell to only whites. or no blacks allowed. you feel me. Oh and to top it off the morons here are widely seperated on either being herbivores or carnivores. so many of them above mentioned popcorn flavors eat grass and leaves and rest of them eat them juicy meats. so them cows think that they are better than the rest of us cause they only chew grass all day long. if you don't get the punch line of the cows joke then ill explain that too. to offend them good you know. so they worship cows. beef is off the menu. for all. which i think is just plain bullying. like fine if you don't eat but why spoil it for the rest of us... if the morons had a chicken god then holy shit we be starving plenty. no KFC no chicken...dammmmnnn thats a nightmare. bad enough i gotta have pizza without any pepperoni.

so yeaaa its a big shithole.