If I die today
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2021-10-11 17:31:01 (UTC)


Just read a bit and was in proverbs 3 so thinking about well honor the lord with your best income or resources or whatever the translations say some say the best of all your increase. So wondering about some things my spending habbits sometimes on "good' things that I "need" are really jsut ritualistic things that I think are the best for me and its actually just some habbit or luxury and to no benift tot he LORD. A lot on my mind. Mom called today and eChlo was diagnoised with PCOS but they are looking into seeing if its cancerous or something else she is having a lot of excess body hair and so on. so guess with time and more testing we will see. The doc did say shes' got to go to loose the weight. moms not doing the excersize progam I gvave her I know its not for everyonebut I think she had a lot fo excuses so whatever.Also my sister has been telling my mom that all the injected people will be dieing in 3years. Thats news to me but maybe just maybe. my mom went on a tangit to about her"religon" I couldnt get a word in endge wise but I really dont know if I wanted to but she justifie every bit of her religon and is defensive that my bro and sister point out the evil the pope is doing. Anyhow all I can do is pray. Been wondering why I drink so a lot of why's also I have some triggers like within me things aggraviate me and I feel indaqueate and so on and I need to know why what is my internal problem why am I like this. Anyhow today was pretty normal short run bc I had only 30min before I was going to get lunch ready and the dam dog wouldnt poop and I didnt want to start running and have him crap in the road bc he will he does that the little shit does whatever he wants when he wants. anyhow todays the 11th so this is when the eye er ess should be starting to come for me I'm late on the damand for fiveorsix hundrend dollars oh well. not too much physcially alarming just im fat thats that. nothing really in assets to share. Still thinking on a few things I read. Last night in my dream I was working back at yal-ich clinic again and I rember showing that yBran had taken a patient back and left them there to go cater to and favor another patient and the one that was on time and she left in the room I went to treat and I was pointing out this problem in healthcare then I rember drso-k showinf me in the closet these 2 puppies before lunch and i thought I better not realising how much trouble I was in before I was like I better not then I went on my own to luch and was wandering do I have enough time to get home and back should I stop in the bar can I stop in the bar maybe itll be okay maybe its a good idea then in my dream after work I had to tell nDea about the patients that were neglected and how they get put in a room and wait while other get favored just bc they are friends or whatever. Anyhow I'm not sure on the meaning on all that or anything either. A little on the cranky side right now so I just want to be done writing

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