The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2021-10-12 00:43:44 (UTC)

Severe Weather... And A Fork Flew At Me Today.....

Had a couple strange things happen this week.
The first one I was not around to see it.
But I did hear it happen.

My sisters told me that some plates fell onto the floor by themselves.
It was very loud... I actually thought my one sister was cleaning.
And accidently broke something that was glass.
Cause it sounded like something shattered and broke.
When I came out of my room later... I asked what happened.
And they were like oh ya.. These 3 plates just fell to floor by themselves.
My one sister was in living room no where near the kitchen...
She didn't see it happen but she heard it like i did....
And my younger sister wasn't even near them... I think she was over by the stove..
And the plates were by the kitchen counter.

And then today... My back was facing turned so I couldn't see the stove.
But I had noticed someone left a plate and fork on there.
I was looking out the kitchen window kind of bird watching lol
And watching rain... when I hear the fork fall behind me.
I'm the only one in the kitchen everyone else is in the living room.
And I felt the fork hit the back of my foot...

So weird.....

I have never not once a bad feeling since we've been renting this house.
And I didnt even feel scared when it happened. I was just like ugh.... Odd.
I'm quit concerned that paranormal stuff could be happening again.
But even after what happened earlier with the fork.
I don't feel a negative vibe or anything...
And if anyone is going to sense any kind of spirit in this house ..

It's going to be me... Especially having a little bit a past with the paranormal
At the old house we use to live in... That house had a weird vibe.. no doubt.
Even now writing this entry i dont feel scared and i'm alone in my room right now.
The weirdest thing Ive ever had happen in this house so far....
Is just hearing someone whispering in my ear trying to get my attention.
But I just ignore it.... But that's the extent of it. And it's not even anything scary....
It's just someone whispering HEY! Or psssst... Trying to get me to turn around.
And focus on them... but I've learned to ignore it ... and I just go back to sleep.

If you want me to write about every paranormal experience I've ever had.
I can! Because there's more to it then just me seeing or hearing things.

Also.....Typical October weather is officially here.
Lots of rain... And severe weather.
Some tornado watches for our state.
But no where near us.

But any who... wanted to aslo right about the fork incident lol.
Just so odd to me...... Let's hope it doesn't escalate.

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