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2021-10-11 13:10:48 (UTC)

break sh

I feel like punching something. I feel disgustingly irritated. At everything. At how my arm hurts because my chair, desk, and mouse are never in the right position. About how heavy my hair currently is, along with my sweatshirt. With how I can't even read a single sentence of this study guide and comprehend what I'm reading because the thoughts in my head are clouding my mind. I feel stupid for being angry or even feeling anything at all. I feel frustrated by how bothersome every noise is to me. The sound of typing, the sound my mouse clicking, my family outside my room, and everything outside our home. Everything I'm seeing is making me react and that just pisses me off. I feel like tearing myself apart or throwing myself off a platform, I hate everything right now. And that makes me hate myself. Kill me.