stupid life
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2021-10-11 15:43:00 (UTC)

annoyed easily

Is it really weird if i get annoyed by the smallest of things people do?

Theres this cousin of mine who is 2 years older than me. He has this habit of one up -ing about everything. A stupid example would be something like; hey i finally bought this cheesecake i always wanted but never got coz it always got sold out before i could get one. And he would go like, pfft i can get that here for cheap whenever i want. It was not about the cake you idiot it was about that specific bakery. You can go and stuff your face with your cheapass cake from that random place. God hes so condescending and annoying. Everything is a brag contest for him.

Theres this friend. I had written about her in one of my earlier posts. The one who had stopped talking to me. She started talking to me just like that pretending that nothing ever happened lol.
She has a reaaaally annoying habit of copying me. Its the worst thing ever! From the things i like to the way i talk! I have never met anyyone like her! So annoying. Why would you copy the way someone talks or texts anyway? When we were in college i was talking about how i was thinking of buying this mobile phone coz i really liked its features and after listening to me she was like hey you know what you are right even i like it, i will buy this exact one. Thinking back it was a really stupid thing to get annoyed about. But i really was super pissed back then.

Lol i dont know how i am going to function in society if get irritated by such small things all the time.

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