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me and my life
2021-10-11 07:58:45 (UTC)

R and other good things

R is everything I wanted in a partner. He is smart, good in communication, talkative, hygiene freak, good looking, well settled, emotional, caring, lovable and knows how to love. Well, we both arent romantically involved but we have been talking from 7 months and we know pretty well about each other.
He has everything to offer me, he is good in always except his past mess which is OK. I am sure he has liking towards me but he is trapped hence cannot take a step ahead. If he does it will be for sure a YES. I guess god gives me what I ask for in a very absurd way though haha...
Baki I dont even have a Pla of Plan, going with the flow. R and I talk aot and enjoy each others company. We talk about everything on the earth, love, food, dreams, our bitter experiences.
Thanks god that sudden handover of V is over but I still feel Nausea when I think about him, he makes me feel so nervous god. Am no more interested in his life. well, it took some time for me to digest the fact that he is well off in his life after ruining mine, but you know what solution to everything is to accept the fact and move on. it will surely take time, will give you pain but it is the only way you can heal. and I exactly did that. Uff I should stop talking about him here aswell because am still feeling nausea.. he gives me anxiety... am better far from him.
I have enrolled myself in Digital Marketing online classes just to add it in my CV and linkedin. I have decided to apply for atleast 10 jobs everyday anyhow naukri, lnkedin, hr email, personal approach or through reference. some or other thins is surly gonna hit. I want to enjoy and cherish my today rather than worrying on future and am so damn fucking sure that this is gonna workout sooooooonest.
I and Mom have come to our house and we are feeling so cool, relaxed and nice in our home sweet home.
God please give me strength, bless me and stand by my side.