My Boring Ass Life
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2021-10-11 03:28:01 (UTC)

Found a charger

Okay I found a charger so I'm going to continue.

I hate my life, and I wish I could fucking die already. I hate my parents, I hate my appearance, I hate myself and my habits, I hate this motherfucking fucking carpet, and most importantly I hate my life choices.

The majority of my time is spent daydreaming about different fantastic memories that could exist, or bad memories in the past that I could have fixed by doing this and that, or even crazier stuff. I imagine myself one day dating my crush, and saying "I love you" to her. Or just in general, just being hugged, loved, and kissed by someone would be nice. I want to be loved so badly. My mom always says she loves me, but usually I just feel worst. Like somehow my mother saying "I love you" seems so empty and fake. It just makes me feel so much more alone than I already am. I wish I could just escape everything in general. That would be so nice.

I don't want to be abandoned so I shall abandon. -me 2021

Okay now I'm just going cray cray. Anyways byeee

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